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Capitalize on 3D printing technology to create custom end of arm tooling made from engineering grade polymers. Made to your applications exact specifications and printed on demand.


End of Arm Tooling Case Study

Capitalize on 3D printing technology to create custom end-of-arm tooling made from engineering grade polymers. End effectors are made to fit your applications exact specifications and printed on demand.

End-of-arm tooling plays an integral part in manufacturing processes that serve a multitude of industries around the world. The global market for end-of-arm tooling is more than seven billion dollars, and is expected to grow as automation becomes increasingly prevalent in production environments.

Recently, additive manufacturing has provided a means to produce end-of-arm tooling that is less expensive and lighter weight than current pieces. Additive manufacturing has also opened the doors to higher productivity by minimizing production downtime by delivering tooling on demand for the specific job.

This white paper details a case study from BDI Additive leveraging additive manufacturing to produce custom end-of-arm tooling. In this study, the engineering process to design end-of-arm tooling and the additive manufacturing operation is described, as well as benefits relating to the use of additive manufacturing for custom end-of-arm tooling.

3D printed end-of-arm tooling opportunities and challenges are detailed. Lastly, the ability to further integrate additive manufacturing in manufacturing environments is discussed.

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Engineering Grade Polymers

Engineering grade plastics are created to withstand more demanding applications than commodity plastics are. These plastics have replaced metal and wood in many industrial applications as a way to save money and put less wear on the machine. Besides equaling or surpassing them in weight and strength, 3D printing engineering grade plastics are the fastest manufacturing method to keep your line running.

Engineering Grade Plastics are stored in a climate controlled chamber before printing to control moisture.

3D Printed End of arm Tooling


Customization of Design

Capitalize on the low hanging fruit of additive manufacturing to identify potential opportunities that will provide value added activity.

Custom parts and tooling are often costly and have extensive lead times to create the necessary jigs, fixtures, and other pieces of tooling to manufacture the final product.

Additive manufacturing allows us to skip the preliminary stages and directly fabricate the desired tooling design. 3D printed tooling is a win-win solution for both maintenance personal and procurement.

Additive manufacturing is also beneficial for the early design stages of new product or tooling pieces. Prototypes, both functional and not, can be quickly turned around to reduce the time during iterations.

BDI Additive has engineers that can help bring your custom designs to life.

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